Gulp Gulp! Red Watermelon Soju (360ml)

Gulp Gulp! Red Watermelon Soju (360ml)

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Gulp Gulp! Red watermelon soju is the new hit in town. 

When the day gets hot, nothing cools you down like watermelon. But add SOJU to the big green melon, and it’s a party!

Light and easy to drink, the fragrance of watermelon will hit you at first whiff followed by the refreshing and moderately sweet taste of the fruit as you gulp it down.

In sunny Singapore, this makes it the perfect drink for anytime, any place and with anyone.

And guess what? They are the first soju to be in red! You have to try it to believe it! 

  • Alcohol content: 7.7%
    • Best paired with sweet dried squid or dried anchovies and nuts
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