Honey Yogurt - 5 Bohae Honey + 12 Cans Milkis

Honey Yogurt - 5 Bohae Honey + 12 Cans Milkis

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Honey Yogurt comes with: 
4 Gulp Gulp! Honey soju bottles (360mlx4)
12 cans milkis (250mlx12)

If you are one of those who cannot really take plain soju, you will be glad to know that you can now purchase honey-flavoured soju in Singapore!

The honey flavour is light, delightful and fragrant, which makes it super easy to gulp it down! Super light when you pair it with milkis! 

This is perfect for all who cannot really take their alcohol but still want to enjoy a cup or two with their girlfriends or significant other. 
If you like your soju even sweeter, you can apparently add more honey and some ice cubes into the honey soju to make it taste even better.

  • Alcohol content: 9.2%
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