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Jeju Chuga Mix & Match - 3 Chuga Soju *Limited Edition*

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Product details:

Chuga Sampler comes with: 
Any 3 flavoured chuga jeju soju (360mlx3)

Chuga Jeju Series is brewed with volcanic bedrock water from the Jeju region in korea. Inspired by the clear bottles in Jeju. This range of products have also been bottled into clear bottles for the most authentic experience.

Kyoho grape:
If you love Hi!Chew grape sweets. Yes, this definitely taste like it. Your favourite grape flavour but sweeter, richer and fuller in flavour.

Fans who does not like sweet soju, this is definitely a fan fav! Refreshing citrus aroma and flavour with balanced tartness and sweetness.

Plum Wine:
While soju is typically clear in colour, our special plum wine soju has its signature golden hue akin to authentic Korean plum wine, with flavours that of mellow sweetness and balanced tartness flavour.

Water source is from the volcanic bedrock water of Jeju - this makes the soju ultra smooth and easy to drink. This is iconic and unique to bottled sojus sold in Jeju. First of its kind sold in Singapore’s market.

  • Alcohol content: 10%

  • Best paired with¬†beer and fried chicken!¬†