Jinro is Back Chamisul Original Fresh Soju (360mlx20)

Jinro is Back Chamisul Original Fresh Soju (360mlx20)

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The No. 1 selling soju in Korea is back! Hite Jinro has a sensuous taste making one who drinks it nostalgic of Korea’s original soju.

Its sky blue bottle and silver twist cap has been restored as a reinterpretation of Jinro’s heritage. It has a mild and clean taste which makes drinking pleasant and enjoyable.

Newtro, which is a combination of “new” and “retro,” has been the latest buzzword in the Korean retail market as the styles of the 70s and 80s are captivating young and trendy customers in the country.

  • Alcohol content: 16.5%
    • Best paired with sweet dried squid or dried anchovies and nuts
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