Soju Test Combo - 5 Jinro Soju

Soju Test Combo - 5 Jinro Soju

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SojuĀ Test Combo comes with:Ā 
1 Jinro Original Chamisul Soju (360ml)
1 Jinro Green Grape SojuĀ (360ml)
1 Jinro Strawberry Soju (360ml)
1 Jinro Grapefruit SojuĀ (360ml)
1 Jinro Plum SojuĀ (360ml)

Flavoured soju are all the rage right now with their sweet and refreshing twist on the traditional soju. Having difficulties deciding on your favourite flavours? Try an assortment of flavoured sojus from the most popular Jinro brand.

  • Alcohol content:Ā 12% - 17%
    • Best paired with sweet dried squid or dried anchovies and nuts
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